The Dissolution of a marriage is always going to be an emotionally challenging event as one sorts out the steps that need to occur to finalize the process, as well as planning for ones future. If you believe the two of you are going to be in agreement about all the terms please refer to the page about Uncontested Dissolution (Divorce). The following is meant to provide some guidance of the process.

Once your paperwork is filed there is a required minimum wait period of 90 days. While your case is pending and not finalized you can seek temporary orders that can address issues such as a temporary parenting plan, temporary child support, temporary spousal support, use of assets and debts, who should remain in the home, as well as possible various issues. I would be happy to discuss this process in more depth.

As to finishing your case the parties can of course simply agree to everything at which point I can draft the paperwork reflecting that agreement. If the parties cannot agree on the terms every county I practice in requires mediation, which is something I can discuss further with you. If mediation is unsuccessful a trial may be necessary to finish your divorce.

The parties may also need to go through a process known as discovery if additional information needs to be discovered from your spouse.

Divorce (dissolution)

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