Legal State of Mind

Oftentimes people may seek more affordable family law and legal options, whether it is because they feel comfortable handling parts of a case themselves, or they are working with a more limited budget. Unbundled legal services, also known as “a la carte” or “pay as you go” legal services, is the most common way I can make my services affordable, while making sure you can be provided a level of legal access. As an unbundled attorney, you can hire me to handle parts of your case, while you can take care of the other parts. With unbundled legal help, instead of requiring a large upfront retainer, we can discuss what specific legal services you need. These unbundled legal services may include document preparation, service of your legal documents, legal preparation, discussing procedure and strategy, reviewing documents, as well as limited appearances on your behalf. And if your case becomes more complex than what can be addressed via your efforts and my unbundled legal help, I am always happy to take on your case in its entirety.

There are lasting financial consequences to family law matters, and modifying court orders once they are entered is not an easy task. This is just one reason why you might find unbundled legal services to be useful to you in favorably resolving your legal matters. As an  experienced family law attorney who knows the ins and outs of how the court system works and offers unbundled legal help, my hope is to provide you some form of guidance through the process. Please contact me if you find yourself in need of an unbundled attorney in my practice areas of Whatcom County and Skagit County.